Ibrahim Haddad


Beirut, Dora, CIT, Tel: 01 257701/2


The consulate history, the relation with the Lebanese Government

The Consulate was founded in lebanon in 1998. 
The Consul Me. Ibrahin Antoun El-Haddad. 
Top relationships the Lebanese Gov. & vise versa.

Visa requirements

- A copy of the ID card or Individual extract of the Civil status card.
- Extract of the Judicial record (police certificate)
- 2 photos certified by the Mayor of the city.
- Valid Passport (at least 8 months).
- Invitation Letter from Mozambique or financial certificate
- The application must be filled in person at the Consulate:
Dora, C.I.T building, 3rd floor.

The consulate detailed addresses

Phone / Fax: 961.1.257700/1/2 - 961.3.661688
E-mails / Website: consul-mozambique@cit-liban.edu
Working hours: Mon. & Wed. from 10:00 till 14:00
d.4- Suggested e-mails: cpi@teledata.mz (Investment Promotion Center)
futur@futur.imoz.com (National Tourism Fund - Futur)