Jean Abboud



من يريد عنوان أي قنصل الرجاء الأتصال بسكرتارية السلك القنصلي الفخري

The consulate history, the relation with the Lebanese Government

On October 20th 1973 the Cameroon named Fouad FADDOUL as 1st Honorary Consul in Lebanon until 1998. 
On October 1st 1998 the Cameroon named Jean ABBOUD as Honorary General Consul in all the Territory of the Republic of Lebanon. 

The relation between Cameroon and Lebanon is very good by virtue of the Francophonie and the Lebanese Community in Lebanon.

Visa requirements

Visas requirements:

1- Valid passport for greater than six months
2- One photo
3- For the Official Visa:
- Letter from the Official Authority addressed to the consulate

4- Business and visit visa: 
-Letter of accommodation signed by the sponsor and approved by the Cameroonian Immigration Authority and sent to the consulate by post or fax.

Tourist visa: ticket two ways, hotel reservation, and sufficient funds to cover duration of stay

Transit visa: ticket and visa for next destination are required

NB: visa procedure requires two to fifteen working days

The consulate detailed addresses

Phone / Fax: phone: 04.540200 – 04.540300 Fax: 04.540400
E-mails / Website:
Working hours: from 9 am to 13 pm from Monday to Friday