Badih Hobeiche

Economist/ Businessman


من يريد عنوان أي قنصل الرجاء الأتصال بسكرتارية السلك القنصلي الفخري

The consulate history, the relation with the Lebanese Government

The Consulate of the Republic of Croatia in Lebanon first established a diplomatic presence in 1998 with the appointment of Cheikh Badih Hobeiche as the Honorary Consul.
Throughout the past 6 years, the relation between the Republic of Croatia and Lebanon has developed in many ways, particularly in the economic field.
In July 2003, the President of the Republic of Croatia, H.E Mr. Stjpan Mesic’, granted the Honorary Consul a decoration (with the order of the Croatian Star with the Effigy of Blaz Lorkovic’) for having strengthened the cooperation between both countries and promoted the economic interests of the Republic of Croatia in Lebanon. 
Since 1998,many agreements were endorsed between both countries:
- December 1998: Agreement in the field of culture, education, science and technology.
- October 1999 : Agreement on the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investment.
- December 2002: Agreement on Trade and economic cooperation between Croatia and Lebanon.

Visa requirements

Following is the Visa application procedure required by a holder of a Lebanese passport:

- Applicant should in person submit the completed application.
- One recent photograph.
- A copy of his passport (until renewal).
- - A copy of any recent or valid shengen visa if available.
- A proof that she can cover his/her expenses during his/her stay in Croatia: copy of a credit card or bank certificate.
- A letter of employement (stating the salary).
- An invitation letter from Croatia (stamped) or reservation of hotel in Croatia.Note that the invitation letter is found at the Consulate or at the Police station in Croatia.
- The consular fees for issuing visa depend on the number and type of entries requested:

Single entry: US$ 35
Double entry: US$ 45
Multiple entries: US$ 80

Business (starting an investment there or establishing joint ventures…)
US$ 80

These consular fees must be paid to "the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Cairo" through a bank check.

The whole procedure takes 4 weeks.
The documents are first sent to the Embassy.The passport is also sent after 3 weeks.

The Courier charges (Aramex): $11.5+ 11.5+ 38.5 = $61.5 (cash)

The consulate detailed addresses

Ghazir, Lebanon, PO BOX: 159 Jounieh, Industrial Zone  Street, Badih Hobeiche Residency. Phone: +9613885050, +96171400662, +9619920960, Fax: +9619920970 , +9619640295

E-mails / Website:

Working hours: 9:30 AM till 1:00 PM , Monday to Friday.