Ibrahim Haddad



من يريد عنوان أي قنصل الرجاء الأتصال بسكرتارية السلك القنصلي الفخري

The consulate history, the relation with the Lebanese Government

The Consulate was founded in lebanon in 1998. 
The Consul Me. Ibrahin Antoun El-Haddad. 
Top relationships the Lebanese Gov. & vise versa.

Visa requirements

- A copy of the ID card or Individual extract of the Civil status card.
- Extract of the Judicial record (police certificate)
- 2 photos certified by the Mayor of the city.
- Valid Passport (at least 8 months).
- Invitation Letter from Mozambique or financial certificate
- The application must be filled in person at the Consulate:
Dora, C.I.T building, 3rd floor.

The consulate detailed addresses

Phone / Fax: 961.1.257700/1/2 - 961.3.661688
E-mails / Website: consul-mozambique@cit-liban.edu
Working hours: Mon. & Wed. from 10:00 till 14:00
d.4- Suggested e-mails: cpi@teledata.mz (Investment Promotion Center)
futur@futur.imoz.com (National Tourism Fund - Futur)